Assential Systems
Suction Lifters

Assential Systems suction lifters enhances your work processes, increasing your company’s productivity, reduces stress and work related strains at the same time decrease download times. It is also designed to handle loads gently and precisely. Overall making it easier for the worker to execute their duties. Moreover, the suction lifter is easy and safe to operate.

This Lifter makes my job easier!
Mr. Samsudin (69 yrs) / Alchemix


Assential Systems suction lifters was designed as one-hand operation, quick-swift handling machine for materials of up to 50kg, like carton box, sacks, panels and other materials. It is composed of several components. It is made up of the suction head device, control head with a handle, an armadillo lift tube, load beams and frames and a vacuum pump/suction system. There are a variety of different parts and modules that that could be mixed and matched so as to customise to suit the needs of the customer and their operating area. The suction head device could be one big oval vacuum suction unit with a foam or rubber seal for lifting paper bags, polypropylene bags, plastic bags and even rice sacks. The suction head could also be configured to lift objects with flat surfaces, like cardboard boxes, wooden sheets, glass panels and steel plates. The control heads can be rotated around with a trigger mechanism that could be operated with one hand. The control heads can be one large oval head with a control bar, with a trigger mechanism or even an extended control system for higher overhead stacking.